UTS Tech Festival 2024
Student Games Showcase
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We’re excited to welcome you to our campus for the Student Games Showcase, as part of UTS Tech Festival 2024!


A chance to celebrate our students' accomplishments from the semester and show-off their skills as game designers and developers to a wider audience


Date: Tuesday 25th of June, 2024
Time: 3:30PM - 7:00PM
Location: UTS Building 11, Level 4


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Tickets for this event are free, and there will be food catered.


From action-packed adventure games to interactive educational tools, games have become a powerful medium for entertainment and learning.

Student Projects


PlayMakers Student Society

Playmakers Development Team (PDT) is a student-run project where the structure of a game development studio is emulated. Students work following the Agile workflow with specific roles. It is a half year-long project where a game is developed in teams according to their skills and interests. It focuses on providing students with experiences on how games are developed within the industry, as well as giving students a chance to develop their own skills further.

Armless Samurai
by Playmakers Development Team (2023)

Game Design Studio 1

Our third year capstone subject for the Bachelor of Games Development that teaches our students how to design, develop and implement a game based on client specifications. They examine the game mechanics for multiple indie and experimental games in developing their own game mechanics

Dual Wield
by Dylan Archer, Sherwin Eskandari, Justin Tran, Anthony Thai, Michael Lam
Macabre Descent
by Pat Ramses Rulete Labirua, Lin Kyaw Khant, Hugo Tien, Ruoyo Bo, Shuhao Jia
Scarlet, Silence, Sunrise
by Jacob REED, Jiaxin (Helen) LIU, Joaquin (Nico) YAMBAO, Natalia (Nyla) TANG, Vaishali RAJA
Arcane Raiders
by Ethan Lucas, Xander Akkari, Tom Howarth, Lauren Szmandiuk, Alexander Valacos
Dungeon Golf
by Ruvini DHARMASENA, Shing Chung LEE, Kingshuk DHOLAKIA, Srishti SIROHI, Mitchell MUNRO
Primal Punch-Up
by Natasha Kelly, Keegen Wallis, Kai Peng, Wenjin Xia, Letian Yao
MMMMMM: Multi-Merge Mix & Match Minigame Mayhem
by Harrison Clark, Huynh Phuong Anh Nguyen, Nathan Kyle Galang, Samuel Coa, Stephen Roberts
Kendōka (剣道家)
by Chun Hei Wong, Huimin LIU, Hok Lam Ng, Hayden Poi, Libang Pu
Gloria Armada
by Kyaw Thiha, Samuel McKenzie-Sell, Chanel Parfait, Andrew Kelly, Matthew Leydon
sea of rogue
by Duo Xu, Heshan Bao, Hongfei Wei, Xingjian Ma, Yufan Li

Game Design Methodologies

This second year core subject introduces basic iterative design methodologies, playtesting practices, and game design theory through hands-on projects that emphasize rapid prototyping and kit-bashing to produce proof of concept game

by Eric LIN, Ashton KING, Wesley HAHN, Ruoyu BO, Hoi Pan MAN
Long Distance Relationship
by Shing Chung LEE, Shixian LI, Ngoc Huy LUONG
Rob the Dragon
by James Gerstmyer, Ryan Chan, Lisong Shi, Julian Mondolo
by Finn Varvell, Samnang Vyvath Khun, Angelina Lowe, Ziran Xie
Lost in the Dark
by Cookie Hudson, Ronin Campbell, Kynan Abdul, Woo Suk Bae
In Pieces
by Casey Bolton, Alexander Pickford, Cassandra Shearwood, Michelle Kong
The Dove of My Life
by Arie Maljers, Albert Nguyen, Ivan Huynh, Clover Lloyd
Scarecrow Defence
by Joshua Silva, Marley Horsnell-Proud, Maxim Tabachuk, Raymond Huang
Cut to the Chase
by James KIDMAN, Zachary SLATER, Alistair TUBB, Yuanqing WANG
Toy Factory
by Amy Roche, Erik Reading, Joao Costa Miranda, Abby Chau
The Life Game
The Pursuit of Reflection
by Aymeric CONTI, Benedict TANNOUS, Kimleng THAI, Stephen KHUMLAMPHAI
Labyrinth Escape

3D Computer Animation

This subject covers the major areas of 3D computer animation. It provides students with the opportunity to learn a major commercial 3D modelling, animation and rendering package. It also covers the principles and practice of pre-production planning, production management, and post-production of an animation project.

Micro Meanderings
by Ethan Lucas, Xander Akkari, Patrick Edmonds
by Hok Lam Ng, Chun Hei Wong, Huimin LIU
by Ashton Barker, Chanel Parfait, Matthew Leydon, Samuel McKenzie-Sell
The Letter
by Joshua Silva, Nathan Kyle Galang, Stephen Roberts

Computer Graphics

This subject helps students develop problem-solving and communication skills in the context of computer graphics, including shape representation, manipulation and visualisation. It helps students enhance their skills to design and implement three-dimensional (3D) computer images, such as those used in animated films, virtual reality (VR), data visualisation and computer games.

Terrain Generator
by Eric LIN, James KIDMAN, Alistair TUBB, Jake COPPLEMAN
Solar System Sandbox
by Jacob REED, Jacob BAYNE, Hayden FOWLER
Endless Ocean
Particle Life JS JS
by Joshua Silva
Virtual Car Studio
by Yuta HORIUCHI, Stanley Tsz Kin Lam

About the UTS Games Studio

The Games Studio focuses on advancing the tools, techniques and methods that will be used to build the next generation of games and related technologies.

Current themes include, but are not restricted to, serious games, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and data analytics in games, procedural content generation, interactive storytelling, collaborative virtual environments and experimental game design.

The Games Studio works closely with the undergraduate student of the Bachelor of Science in Games Development to bring cutting edge games education, broaden the scope of Australian games research, highlight the work of our students and academics, and grow the game design and development community of UTS.

Visit the UTS Games Studio website


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Special Thanks

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  • The PlayMakers Student Society