2020 Games Studio Student Showcase

Welcome to the online 2020 UTS Student Games showcase. In light of not being able to organize our usual large in-person showcase at the moment, we have instead built a dedicated website to acknowledge the efforts of our Autumn 2020 student cohort and show off the best work of this teaching session. For the first time ever, we will make these games publicly available for you to download and play from the comfort of your own home. The idea behind this expo is that you can spend as much time as you wish to browse through the different titles and play the games you like the most. It's a self-paced and low-pressure setting for everyone to enjoy in their own time.

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31102 - Game Design Studio 1

Our third year capstone subject for the BSc. in Games Development that teaches our students how to design, develop and implement a game based on client specifications. They examine the game mechanics for multiple indie and experimental games in developing their own game mechanics.

31262 - Introduction to Computer Game Design

This second year core BSc. Games Development subject introduces basic iterative design methodologies, playtesting practices, and game design theory through hands-on projects that emphasize rapid prototyping and kit-bashing to produce proof of concept games.

31248 - Games and Graphics Project

This subject exposes students to working on a research project in the broad fields of games or computer graphics. Students experience working independently on an authentic project with a focus on innovation and knowledge discovery in digital media design and development.

31264 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

This subject helps students develop problem-solving and communication skills in the context of computer graphics, including shape representation, manipulation and visualisation. It helps students enhance their skills to design and implement three-dimensional (3D) computer images, such as those used in animated films, virtual reality (VR), data visualisation and computer games.

31241 - 3D Computer Animation

This subject explores storytelling using 3D computer animation. It covers the complete animation production pipeline which includes ideation, storyboarding, 3D animation, lighting, rendering, and VFX


The Games Studio focuses on advancing the tools, techniques and methods that will be used to build the next generation of games and related technologies.

Current themes include, but are not restricted to, serious games, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and data analytics in games, procedural content generation, interactive storytelling, collaborative virtual environments and experimental game design.

The Games Studio works closely with the undergraduate student of the Bachelor of Science in Games Development to bring cutting edge games education, broaden the scope of Australian games research, highlight the work of our students and academics, and grow the game design and development community of UTS.